D.T.S. offers a remote connection to your driver 

At D.T.S. we support you and your drivers every step of the way. The DTS App can be remotely accessed in the field by our support team whenever a driver encounters a situation he is not sure of, getting them up and running again in an instant.

Live operational data at your fingertips 

The D.T.S. web portal delivers all the information that you need regarding your deliveries. Want to know where a driver is? What fuel they have onboard? How long a delivery took? How many more deliveries do they have to make? The D.T.S. web portal gives you all this information and more and can be easily accessed via any internet connection.  

What impact does the D.T.S. App have on drivers?

Our research has shown that some drivers are naturally hesitant or nervous to use new technology, however we have found that even the most nervous drivers are able to fully operate the D.T.S. App within just three deliveries. D.T.S. supports any driver that needs help during their deliveries by following their use of the system on their screen with them. By going the extra mile D.T.S. ensures that not only are the drivers confident in using the D.T.S. App but that the business benefits fully from the advantages the system delivers without distracting the operational team. 

Mike Smith, Managing Director at D.T.S. said: “Driver engagement in any technology is critical to realising the benefits in efficiency and safety available. At D.T.S. our software gives drivers the choice of the most suitable hardware on a delivery-by-delivery basis, reducing resistance and avoids having to compromise on user preference or health and safety concerns.  

“The driver is supported in addressing the challenges they face in the field through advanced camera options with the ability to highlight key areas of concern and transfer quickly back to the office. This ensures that any resulting customer contact is addressed with the relevant visual and data evidence. Drivers are further supported and provided with a map view of the day’s deliveries enabling them to identify any route sequence improvements.  

“Where the in-cab computer is also used as a phone this reduces the equipment in the cab and further enhancements for the driver in the software enable the call to be initiated from the customer record.” 

The D.T.S. mobile App is simple to use and very user intuitive. 

Daily tasks such as vehicle checks, loading, delivering and stock movements are all completed with a couple of clicks. Non-standard processes such as non-deliveries or any health and safety issues encountered are all supported by drop down menus, reports and photographic evidence ensuring the back office team and customer are all provided with the relevant details instantly ensuring a higher level of customer service is delivered. 

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