How does D.T.S. support your operations?

D.T.S. offers an invaluable asset for any fuel delivery operation: a reliable and user-friendly system for organising essential data. Our platform gathers pertinent information from vehicles, drivers, stocks, delivery equipment, Health and Safety guidelines, customers, and accounts all in one accessible place. When faced with busy peak periods, it is crucial to keep things running smoothly while preserving profits. That is where our system steps in, equipping key personnel with the real-time data they need to perform at their best. 

Managing fuel delivery process

Technology solution for your operations team that really delivers.

Real-time delivery information

  • Answering customer questions quickly and confidently without the need to try and ring the driver, saves time, and enhances customer service. D.T.S. provide an up-to-date view on the drivers planned and actual route enabling a more informed ETA to be given. We further reduce the incoming calls from customers by automatically sharing with them when the delivery is on its way, any delays and once the delivery has been completed. Delivery data is supported by GPS date/time/location details captured when the meter was activated at their premises.
  • Knowing what is happening when and receiving live data back from the field regarding any non-deliveries or delivery variances encountered enables both a reduction in customer calls, the time to answer the questions and a more proactive approach to customer service.

Flexible scheduling

  • The best laid plans are often unfortunately affected by challenges and customer requests during the day. The ability to update any schedule at any time and maintain both full visibility of the changes and provide professional and compliant system documents for both the driver and customer ensures you can minimise the impact of any changes and maximise the profit opportunity.
  • When a change is required or an extra delivery being added at short notice, having all the relevant information to hand at the click of a button avoids the process of digging around for options, second guessing the stock, route, and availability of the drivers. Even with only 2 or 3 drivers to choose from getting hold of them to check the stock, location, outstanding deliveries, vehicle fuel level and available working hours or time to next break can take costly hours if they are in the process of delivering or driving at the time. D.T.S. gives you all this information at the touch of a button reducing response time and stress while increasing customer service levels and profit.

Reduce paperwork

  • The transport office is a haven for paperwork with vehicle checks, running sheets, time sheets, tacho reports, delivery tickets, and defect reports, meaning that every driver is responsible for bundles of paperwork sheets per day. Each of those sheets needs generating, allocating, transferring onto a back-office system, variances recorded, errors investigated and then stored and filed in a way that it can be found if something is questioned in the future. 
  • The time to manage the paper trail and the cost of any errors that it generates are ones that the D.T.S. system eliminates. Automating the data exchange digitally means no more paperwork problems, no more data entry errors and managing data in real time means resolving or responding to issues that arise is done quicker and more efficiently. 

Get paid quicker

  • D.T.S. offers the opportunity to reconcile a delivery as it happens, updating the back-office system in real time enabling the accounts team to generate and send an invoice within minutes of completing the delivery. 
  • Supporting images and supporting GPS date and time data mean that there are fewer areas for the customer to question regarding the delivery, reducing reasons to delay payment.
  • Alternatively, the D.T.S. system enables a flexible way for customers to pay at the point of delivery enabling you to reach a wider audience, yet still control payment processes.