How does D.T.S. support your truck? 

D.T.S. allows for real-time connection between your headquarters and your trucks, beyond just the delivery information. This technology streamlines communications and provides advantages when it comes to regulations, safety, and efficiency. You can track your vehicles, access telematics, remotely download Tacho data, and complete vehicle inspections, all through the convenient and user-friendly platform. 

Technology solution for your truck that really delivers.

Fixed tracker

  • The security audit for operating vehicles carrying dangerous goods includes the ability to show that vehicle security and incident response procedures include tracking of the vehicle.  DfT advice in relation to this states the ‘ideal system is hard-wired into the lorry, so the driver has no means of affecting the device’. Relying on tracking from the on-truck computer is deemed ‘flawed, as the device can be discarded or moved away from the vehicle’. As such at D.T.S. you don’t need to manage separate systems to be compliant with best practice, all requirements are covered.

Remote tachco download

  • To provide an update on available driving time and the time to the next break means D.T.S. must link directly to the tacho. This link also offers the option to remotely download the legal tacho data for submission. This avoids the old manual way of physically collecting the information and reduces the risk of failing to collect and submit in both a legally compliant and efficient manner.

Vehicle checks

  • Going paperless in the cab isn’t just good for the environment it is a more robust and efficient way of ensuring the vehicle is safe to drive. 
  • GPS data of where, when, and how long the checks took to complete and the inability to commence the drivers shift until it has been completed are a more robust way of proving compliance with the required safety standards. The ability to capture images as well as details regarding any defects or issues that need addressing against specific checks ensures the driver has the most efficient communication tool at his disposal.

Truck performance data

  • The engine, vehicle and PTO details are all available for collection and display against reporting parameters, enabling efficiency reporting and driver performance to be monitored and assisted where required.