How do we support your customers? 

D.T.S. is dedicated to helping you ensure your fuel deliveries are delivered quickly and safely. Our delivery management software and systems grant enhanced control and visibility over each part of the delivery process, helping to maximize operational flexibility and efficiency while also promoting customer service and high levels of health and safety. 

How do we make it happen?

Our technology solutions allow for improved tracking of the delivery process, including proof of the delivery, flexible payment, verification of safety and quality, and easy resolution of any problems that may arise. 


Fuel customer

Technology solution for your customers that really delivers.

Flexible payment options

  • In a dynamic and digital world, the ability to pay by cash, cheque or card is almost an expected standard. Offering this to your customers that need it poses several problems that D.T.S. overcomes, ensuring that payment method is not a barrier to an efficient and flexible transaction process.

Live progress communication

  • Throughout the day D.T.S. enables an automated or driver-controlled messaging service to your customers, keeping them informed of progress, ETA’s, and any delays. Once the driver has selected a delivery point it is even possible to provide an online tracking link.
  • Meeting expectations equals customer satisfaction and communication is key to establishing an accurate way to ensure that the expectation is accurate in a an ever changing and challenging delivery environment.

Proof of delivery

  • Proof of delivery can be provided via the ticket from the fuel metering system supported by GPS coordinates, and sent digitally, as soon as the delivery is completed and supporting the invoice. For unmanned deliveries at domestic customer sites a confirmation text once the delivery has been completed gives peace of mind that the fuel has been supplied.

Resolve issues quickly

  • By storing all data relating to the delivery digitally, your customers can have answers to any question they have at the click of a button. This can include pictures of the state of the delivery area before and after the delivery to ensure that the care and attention they demand has been taken over their property. 
  • With any delay in the details requested comes additional frustration, as such D.T.S. delivers a reduction in frustration and an increase in customer service levels – while also reducing the workload on the office staff handling the queries.