How do we support drivers? 

At D.T.S., we provide delivery management software and systems that facilitate fuel delivery with greater control and visibility. This leads to increased operational flexibility and cost savings while improving customer service and Health and Safety. 

Our focus is on supporting the driver – the person who makes the deliveries happen. With our software, we strive to understand the challenges and difficulties of their work and provide them with a user-friendly interface and the tools they need. Our technology is designed to ease the pressure and stress of the job, collecting, and automatically converting their paperwork, and collecting data from within the App. In doing so, we can save them time and make their job easier. 

What are the challenges facing drivers and how does D.T.S. resolve those challenges?

Easy to use

  • A key challenge in engaging drivers is addressing screen fear. This is where the driver knows what they must do operationally but is not sure where on the screen to do it. The D.T.S. application has been designed to provide clear instructions to the driver and has been described as the easiest to use by the many drivers we have spoken to.

Planning and managing the daily route

  • Replacing tickets with a tablet means that some of the paper ticket shuffling that the drivers are used to when planning their day is no longer required. At D.T.S. we have enabled the driver to view the deliveries that are planned on a map, and if required and allowed, either re-sequence the order or communicate with the back office any issues that their experience highlights. Any re-sequencing done is communicated to the back office so that now everyone is fully aware of the plans.

Reduces dashboard clutter

  • Reducing the amount of equipment and paper in the cab by consolidating the navigation, phone, camera, tickets, vehicle checks and consignment notes into the one device means that the drivers work environment is less cluttered and as a result both safer and more efficient.

Pricing a delivery

  • D.T.S. dynamically works out pricing. Reducing the pressure on the driver to do this accurately, taking away the stress of applying VAT and remembering to add any surcharges. This not only removes the stress for the driver but eliminates the potential for mistakes and the costs both commercially and in customer service that they incur.

Hardware flexibility

  • Size does matter! Choice, flexibility, and personal preference enable the driver to choose a hardware format that suits them. A larger screen is great for navigation and managing the daily schedule, but some drivers may find a larger screen isn’t as easy to use when taking it out of the cab for collecting pictures, surveys, or signatures. The phone sized remote option allows this to be selected as and when the delivery warrants its use and if the driver prefers to use it.

Pictures of issues

  • Photographic support for any issues identified enable the driver to better communicate to the office and customers the challenges they are faced with at that time. D.T.S. have enhanced this by enabling specific sections of the image to be highlighted ensuring quick and easy identification of the issue.