At D.T.S. we are passionate about technology.

When you get it right everyone benefits with D.T.S – the customers, the drivers, the schedulers, the accounts team, the customer service team, the business managers and owners, the environment, literally everyone.

Getting it right takes expertise, flexibility, and stability.

We believe we have the right team, technology, and support to deliver those benefits.

Utilising the Deliver Up platform, which is currently live on over 4,000 vehicles and optimising over 10 million energy deliveries per year. D.T.S. have supplied the language and processes required for the UK energy distribution market.

Headed up by Mike Smith with a wealth of experience in the UK and global energy distribution markets, D.T.S. is committed to delivering added value through every step in the delivery process.

In a period of transition, harnessing technology gives you the best chance of converting new challenges into opportunities. Our collaborative approach means we are here for you every step of the way.