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In the last of our three-part series, we look at what our industry demands from truck technology and how we can support customers with better data and efficiencies. 

Data that delivers 

At D.T.S. we firmly believe that an integrated and robust system will deliver results for our customers. 

Mike Smith, Managing Director at D.T.S. said: “Automating data exchanges between equipment such as the tacho and meter provides the user with numerous benefits in both operational controls and efficiency.  The associated commercial benefits are compromised when these connections fail for whatever reason in the field. At D.T.S. we provide a more robust and deeper level of data sharing delivering reduced down time, enhanced remote diagnostics in the field and a preventative maintenance alert system. 

“A consolidated operational view avoids users having to hunt for data or interrupt the driver focusing on his deliveries. Collating all key delivery data in one portal, providing the transport staff with the data to support their expertise in resolving problems. Combining vehicle location, delivery updates, stock status and driving hours available from one portal provides key information to resolve issues and improve efficiency.” 

To see how D.T.S. can support the industry better, our first article in the series focusses on better support for drivers and can be viewed here. The second article focusses on supporting our customers better and can be viewed here.

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