Efficiency during the delivery process 

The D.T.S. App offers drivers the ability to set the meter for a pre-set delivery, line change and specify multi-compartment instructions from the tablet, ensuring a more efficient and controlled delivery process can be achieved. 

Data shared across the whole business 

Mike Smith, Managing Director at D.T.S. said: “The functionality that our App delivers ensures that the whole team can access the information that they require, when they need it. Drivers can easily see their delivery schedule for the day, the team in the office can see when those deliveries have been made and customers can receive text messages to advise them as to when they can expect the driver, all in real time.” 

Experts in fuel delivery technology dedicated to support 

At D.T.S. we pride ourselves on delivering a complete solution that is supported by a service which is second to none.  

The fuel delivery environment is challenging so when a situation arises that needs support, one of our strengths is that D.T.S. has the technology, team and expertise to resolve any issues that arise quickly and efficiently.  

  • Support desk with over 10 dedicated support engineers  
  • National network of field service engineers  
  • Experts in meter integration  
  • Experts in back-office system integration  
  • Over 8 years’ experience in delivering Android Mobile App Solutions 

You can rely on D.T.S. to deliver.

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