Giving you visibility and control

The D.T.S. web portal is a window to your whole delivery operation.  

Supporting Decision Making  

Presenting a live view on what is actually happening in the field, where it is happening and the status of stocks, driving hours, fuel level and vehicle location gives the facts necessary to make an informed decision.  These decisions impact not just cost efficiencies and profit but customer service and compliance. 

More deliveries  

When you are fully aware of not just the live stock levels but the projected stock levels to the end of the day you have the data necessary to optimise where it can best be deployed.   

Don’t lose track  

With tracking provided by both the tablet and a fixed on vehicle GPS unit you will always know where the vehicle is, even if there is an issue with the tablet. From a security perspective this takes out the possibility of losing sight of the vehicle if it is stolen, the tablet is lost or the driver doesn’t log in properly. 

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