Preventative not reactive maintenance!

At D.T.S. our mobile App offers the ability to monitor more than just the quantity delivered from the meter. Using the latest technology supplied by the meter manufacturers we can remotely monitor sensors recording temperature, pressure and flow rates as the fuel passes through the entire system. This helps us to remotely diagnose any reported issues prior to sending support to site and create alerts based on data patterns that commonly result in system failures in the future. This enables us to solve any problems before they even happen!

Supporting your business to do more

Mike Smith, Managing Director at D.T.S. said: “Our focus is always on keeping the fuel flowing and the wheels turning. Our ability to diagnose issues remotely enables a more efficient support response resulting in reduced down time for our customers and an increased opportunity for them to sell fuel. With our advances in access to and analysis of data from the vehicle and equipment on it, we can further reduce downtime by spotting problems on the horizon before they happen in the field. All of which results in improvements in efficiency, customer service and profit.’’ 

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