A collaborative approach to the future of in-cab computing

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In the last of our three-part series, we look at how D.T.S. offers a collaborative approach to move in-cab computing forward.

Integrating in-cab computing across your business

The in-cab computer is the data conduit that facilitates the flow of data between the back office and the vehicle.

To gain the maximum operational benefit from the system the data must flow smoothly throughout the entire data loop. 

In the first instance it is necessary to create flexible and robust data connections on the vehicle. Consolidating the data in an android application from multiple sources requires a scalable hub that can manage the full spectrum of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS232, Digital I/O, CAN bus, Kline, Modems and GPS sensors. 

D.T.S. bring truck technology together

Once a safe and approved hub is established, connecting the multiple equipment options requires an in-depth knowledge of the environment and the role the equipment plays within that environment. 

At D.T.S. we have a large and experienced team that have long term relationships with best in breed suppliers of the equipment present on a fuel truck.

The back-office interface needs to be continually maintained and up to date to ensure that the latest versions and developments are all supportable, ensuring the client can take full advantage of the latest options available.

At D.T.S. we are committed to an ongoing programme of continual investment in the infrastructure, connectivity, and interfaces. Ensuring all our partners are provided with a robust platform to securely integrate their data into a live operational environment is something we take very seriously as the benefits of the technology are only optimised when the infrastructure is stable.