Flexible approach and the future of in-cab computing

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In the second of our three-part series, we look at how D.T.S. provides flexibility and is moving in-cab computing forward.

A flexible approach that delivers

The hardware requirements of an in-cab computer are varied:

  • A large screen to view navigation clearly while driving
  • Small, light, and portable to take the device safely and securely out of the cab for image capture, safety checks and signatures
  • Robust connection to multiple data sources such as GPS, 4G, Meter, Printer, Tacho, Vehicle CAN bus, Safety Equipment, Gauges, Credit Cards, and Customers¬†
  • Safe to operate within a vehicle, fuel loading and fuel delivery process
D.T.S. Flexible Approach

To find one size that fits all requirements as well as driver preferences normally means compromising on usability, practicality, connectivity, or cost.

At D.T.S. we have a variety of hardware options supported by software that enables the configuration to adapt on a per delivery basis to the specific needs of the environment, business, and preferences of the driver, without the need to dilute the benefits of the technology through compromise.

A flexible and fair approach to pricing

Traditional billing models normally involve an annual fee in advance per truck. However, if your fleet requirements vary during the year due to seasonal demands, mechanical issues or changes in business needs the price has already been paid.

At D.T.S. we structure the payment around a model that best suits your operation. Annually in advance is an option, however we also have the flexibility to bill monthly based on a variety of metrics such as vehicle, shift, trip, or delivery.

In the case of a per delivery model the cost can be incorporated into the back-office quote building modules. By only receiving a monthly invoice for the deliveries that have been completed that month the payment for the software charge will have been received from the customer for the delivery, before the D.T.S. payment is due.

This approach aligns your D.T.S. system payment with the cash flow of the business and ensures you are only paying the license fee for completed deliveries and not any non-operational vehicles.

D.T.S. gives you flexibility and choices without compromising on the benefits that the technology can deliver for your business.

mike smith, d.t.s. managing director