D.T.S. connects your business, but how?

We listen, we innovate, and we deliver!

At D.T.S. we provide value added systems and support that:

Connects your customers

Live delivery updates and delivery status notifications ensure customers know when to expect their delivery. With signed and photographic proof of delivery available, you can be assured of faster payments. 

Connects your operations

With full overview of the days progress, live stock updates and a live search function. D.T.S. gives you more information and more control all in real time, enabling you to run your business and maximize profit.

Connects your truck 

With real time integration across your truck technology. You can be assured that with D.T.S. you can access the data that you require, when you need it, and ensure the smooth operation of your business.

D.T.S. connects

Connects your drivers 

With flexible hardware and intuitive driver software that supports last mile navigation. Drivers are fully supported throughout their delivery schedule. 

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