D.T.S. Achieves Professional Certification for System Awareness Driver Training Program

Our training mission statement is clear:

At D.T.S., driver system awareness and customer service is at the forefront of our business. We strive to train competent and confident drivers who can safely, accurately, and efficiently deliver fuel. The more we can do at D.T.S. to make this transition to using an OTC as painless as possible the better it will be for the business overall. 

Why is accredited training good for your company?

At a time when health and safety and compliance is at the forefront of everyone’s mind it is important that the driver can get to a delivery site quickly and deliver fuel safely and accurately. Our training programme facilitates this; we at D.T.S. offer a comprehensive training package that,

  • We can deliver to your drivers.
  • Can be given to the company as a ready-made training module or
  • Can be offered to a third-party training provider to deliver as part of your training portfolio.

Our accredited training package aims to reach EVERY driver within your organisation. We recognise that all companies have a full array of learners and personalities, and our training aims to reach every one of them. It is vital that every driver understands how to use the system before leaving the yard/depot and gains confidence to independently use the system to deliver fuel safely and accurately. We aim to provide full support during this transition and beyond.

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