D.T.S. delivers real benefits for your customers!

D.T.S. links all the elements of your business and supports your business every step of the way. It is easy to use, helps reduce manual errors, and enables drivers to efficiently navigate through their routes, resulting in improved operational efficiency and timely deliveries.

Real-time delivery updates

D.T.S. is a complete solution that doesn’t just benefit the delivery drivers; it also greatly enhances the customer experience. With real-time delivery updates and estimated time of arrival (ETA) notifications, your customers can plan their day accordingly and know exactly when to expect their fuel delivery.

D.T.S. delivers for your customers

Enhanced communication and customer interaction

Gone are the days of disconnected communication between the delivery driver and the customer. At D.T.S. our in-cab solution allows for seamless communication through various channels, such as text messaging or mobile apps. Customers can easily get updates, ask questions, or give specific instructions to the driver, ensuring a personalised and satisfactory experience.

Efficient order processing and billing

At D.T.S. we streamline the entire order processing and billing process. Delivery drivers can input delivery details directly into their device, eliminating the need for paper-based processes. This not only reduces the chances of errors but also speeds up the overall delivery process. Additionally, electronic billing systems can generate invoices automatically, making it easier for both you and your customers to keep track of their transactions.

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