Choosing the right hardware

Choosing the right hardware for the in-cab environment is important, below is a quick guide to the 5 S’s that should be considered before deciding on what is best for your operation. 


To be SLP approved the device must have an on/off switch and ensure any cradle power is connected behind the isolation switch. During loading the device must be switched off. Atex zone II devices are allowed to remain on in the cab during loading as long as all phone communications are suppressed. 


Ensure the device supports the latest android version and there is a regular security update programme in place. 


The device should be protected from both the elements and the environment. As such it is wise to ensure that the device is drop proof to at least 1.5 meters and has a rating of at IP68 meaning it is sufficiently water resistant and dust resistant. 

Screen size   

For navigation and daily task list a tablet sized screen of 8’’ gives the driver the optimum view. For actions outside of the cab a mobile phone size screen is the most practical for carrying safely as the driver exits and enters the cab. 


It is important to confirm the support life cycle for the device selected and when this is due to end, the warranty terms and the replacement and repair arrangements in the event of damage. 


The hardware choice is key to the success of the project. It must withstand the rigours of the environment and be practical for the driver to engage with. There are some great hardware options in the market place and the good news is that D.T.S. software is compatible with all the android models. 

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